The Chord Wheel is a revolutionary device that puts the most essential, practical applications of chord theory and progressions under your control without large, complex textbooks and without reading music notation. (i.e. No Dots).

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Take much of the complexity out of learning your invaluable theory for progressions.
Pictured is a portion of the Chord Wheel with its triangular Key outline (printed on a transparent disk) center on the 'Key of G ' or 'One Sharp.'
Instantly transpose any progression into each and every key.
Pat Metheny congratulates Chord Wheel author, Jim Fleser, on joining him in the Hal Leonard Publishing family. Released early last year, "The Pat Metheny Songbook" contains practically every recorded composition of Pat's and is a great way to study the progressions of this jazz legend. Yes, that's a Chord Wheel in Pat's hand, though it's safe to say he doesn't need to study much any more.
"I have given this information in lectures for years, but it's great to just tell people to go to your website and buy this thing. It's an amazing way to understand tonality and harmony."

Bonnie Hayes, Noted Songwriter

Composer of "Have a Heart" & "Love Letter" off Bonnie Raitt's Grammy-winning 'Nick of Time' as well as songs recorded by Robert Cray, Bette Midler, Cher, David Crosby, Huey Lewis and the News, etc.

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Now distributed by Hal Leonard!
The world's largest publisher/distributor of music literature, Hal Leonard, is now the the world-wide distributer for The Chord Wheel. We have repackaged the product in a 12 page book format by mostly culling information from this web site. I'd like to thank all of my early customers who bought the original 'single page' printing from this web site for their support and especially to the teachers who introduced my product to countless students. (Hang on to those original pressings, they're going to be collector's items!)

What does this new distribution agreement mean for the future of The Chord Wheel? First and foremost, it means that we can print larger volumes and that makes the product less expensive. Just see below! With the book version, much of the information presented here is there in your hands. You can buy it from the author right here and start making better music.

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